Raiders fans and Jaguars fans need some hobbies

Everyone gets bored in the off-season, and we all need to find different outlets for our feral devotion to our teams. I'll admit, it can be a struggle. There are times when I don't know what to do with myself on Sunday afternoons.

All hardcore NFL fans deal with it, and yeah, it can lead to some odd behavior. I get that. But if you've gotten to a point where you're rigging an on-line poll in favor of your team's mascot in a "Most Fierce NFL Mascot" Competition, you might want to get some help. Talk to someone. There are hotlines available.

Via Stephanie Stradley at the FanHouse, in this deal where they're conducting on on-line vote to crown the most fierce mascot in the NFL, Jaguars and Raiders fans tried to rig the voting, and ended up giving the Bills' mascot a bye into the conference finals.

So, Billy makes his way into the Semifinals and now faces a unique situation … he gets an automatic win.

This is not because he scared off the competition, but because Jaxson De Ville and the Raiders fans were involved in conduct detrimental to the integrity of the Mascot Competition.

We're talking about mascots here. And in the case of the Raiders, not even actual mascots. Their "mascot" in the competition is actually their fanbase, and as disturbing as it is that someone went to the trouble of creating some kind of a macro doohickey to cheat for this damn thing, it's waaaaaaaaay more disturbing that someone went to that same trouble to cheat on behalf of grown men wearing tinfoil shoulder pads and banging plastic swords.

The offseason does strange things to people. September 4th can't get here fast enough.

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