Radio Row is filled with celebrities; quite boring

I just spent about an hour walking through Radio Row here at the Convention Center in Phoenix. It was interesting, and I suppose it's something I'm glad I experienced, but ... I'm sitting about 40 feet away from it right now, it's still celebrity-filled, and I have absolutely no desire to get back in there.

There's just not much for me to do there. Everyone's either already talking with someone, or appears to be anxious to begin talking to someone, or to just get the hell out of there. The only person I had a serious urge to talk to was Igor Olshansky, and I just wanted to grab him, shake him, and ask him why he had to provoke the Patriots like that.

Of course, the downside would've been that Igor Olshansky could, quite literally, pull all of my limbs off one-by-one, and then use them to decorate his truck. So I opted against it.

I've got more pictures and made more sightings, and I'll tell you about them later, but here's my favorite. I was on my way out of the room when I heard someone say, "Ladies and gentlemen, the great Peter King," and I did an immediate pivot. I snapped this picture ... which is maybe my favorite picture that I've ever taken.

It's as if he instinctively knows that he should hate me. I used to write some pretty mean-spirited things about him back at my old site, but to tell you the truth, I regret the hell out of it, and have for some time.

When I started doing a Monday morning NFL-recap column, I came to just be in awe of how comprehensive, informative, and readable his columns were. even if we had some differences.

I respect the hell out of the guy now (I even watch and love House), but still (and I have no idea if he's ever read those things or ever heard of me), if he wanted to punch me in the manbag, I couldn't blame him one bit.

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