Quinn Ojinnaka's wife keeps an eye on her man's Facebook

Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle Quinn Ojinnaka(notes) has a Facebook page, and it seems that his wife doesn't approve of one of his female Facebook friends. According to police, Ojinnaka and his wife had a fight about the internet friend, and it was not pretty.

From WSB in Atlanta:

Gwinnett County police arrested offensive tackle Quinn Ojinnaka, 25, Tuesday at his home in Suwanee.

Police said he tussled with his wife and spat at her during a fight over a female friend of his on Facebook.

Ojinnaka said his wife tried to stab him with a pen. She said he threw her on some stairs and tossed her out of the house.

And that makes the score "Bad Things That Have Happened Because People Use Facebook" 18,929,268, and "Good Things That Have Happened Because People Use Facebook" 0.

No one was injured in the battle between Ojinnaka and his wife, thank goodness. That's got to be considered an upset when an offensive lineman starts throwing a woman at stairs, and the woman starts trying to stab people with writing implements.

Ojinnaka was charged with simple battery, though, which is a misdemeanor. He posted bond and was released.

Oh, and a special congratulations to Ojinnaka, as he also gets to serve as This Week's Guy Who Should Wash Gilbert Brown's Jock Strap. I thought we were about to have another week where the award went unclaimed. Thank you, Mr. Ojinnaka, for stepping up.

Gracias, Black Sports Online.

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