Get your questions, quips, rants and letters in for Shutdown Corner’s Super Bowl mailbag

It's Super Bowl week, and that means you're going to be hearing a lot from us about the Harbaughs, Ray Lewis, halftime shows, commercials and all kinds of other ridiculousness surrounding the big game. But now, friends, we want to hear from YOU.

We'll be answering your questions in a Friday Super Bowl mailbag. Send us your serious, your absurd, your thought-provoking, your absolutely ridiculous queries and inquiries. Ever been to a Super Bowl? Had Thanksgiving dinner with the Harbaughs? Gotten a new Kaepernick-style tattoo? Shoot us the photos. It'll be a multimedia extravaganza.

Send your Q's to or on Twitter at @jaybusbee. Deadline is Thursday at midnight ET. Get going!

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