Quarterback Ryan Nassib finally goes off the board, to the New York Giants

Jacksonville doesn't have any hope at quarterback, but it keeps passing on quarterbacks in the draft like the franchise is allergic to them.

The Giants have a two-time Super Bowl MVP at quarterback, Eli Manning. But Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib's slide into the middle of the fourth round offered value that the Giants could not pass up. New York went with the best player available and took Nassib, who was projected by some to go as high as eighth overall, in the fourth round with the 110th overall pick. He was the best player available, and the Giants general manager Jerry Reese likes stockpiling those BPAs. That's just the smart way to operate.

There's a reason some teams are stuck drafting early every year, and others like the Giants are contending for a championship many years.

Nassib offers an interesting skill set. He has a strong arm, and his improvement last year was very intriguing. He had 3,749 yards, 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last year. His biggest knock is his accuracy, but the beauty of landing with the Giants is he's with a good organization that can develop him without having to throw him into the lineup right away. He should get better redshirting behind Manning.

Manning's presence is why this pick is so interesting. Manning's 135 straight starts is the longest active streak for a quarterback in the NFL. And he is still among the best quarterbacks in the league, coming off 3,948-yard, 26-touchdown season. He is 32 years old, but should have many prime years left. Take a look at his bloodlines: Brother Peyton Manning just had an unbelievable season at age 36, and that was after multiple neck surgeries.

This obviously wasn't a need pick for the Giants. Nassib probably should have gone well before the 110th pick, and Reese was well aware of that. He picked an asset and it will pay off some day, whether Manning's streak ends and a backup is needed, down the road for the Giants in a few years or in a trade with a team that should have been picking Nassib themselves this week.

Nassib might not start right away, but being with a smart program like the Giants will probably be better for his career in the long term than a few other landing spots. Like Jacksonville, for example.

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