Quarterback Kevin Kolb leaves game for Buffalo Bills with concussion-like symptoms

The preseason hasn't been too kind for Buffalo Bills quarterbacks, and now there will some serious concern about who will be healthy enough to start the regular-season opener.

E.J. Manuel had minor knee surgery after the Bills' second preseason game, and there is a question whether he'll be ready for the regular-season opener. That wasn't a huge reason for concern, because the Bills had Kevin Kolb to fill in.

Now, Kolb's status is shaky too.

Kolb left the Bills' third preseason game against Washington with concussion-like symptoms.

And now might be a good time for the Bills to get really worried.

Jeff Tuel, an undrafted rookie from Washington State, is on top of the depth chart as long as Manuel and Kolb are out. The Bills don't want to rush Manuel, the team's first-round pick, if he's not ready. And concussions can be tricky. Kolb could be ready in a couple days, or maybe not by Sept. 8. Kolb has a bad history with concussions, including one at the end of the 2011 season that affected him for weeks. So just the mention that Kolb is having more symptoms is a scary thing. He obviously won't be rushed back either.

The Bills start the regular season with the Patriots. Buffalo doesn't have much time to figure out who will be healthy enough to play quarterback against the defending AFC East champions.

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