QB-deficient teams could do much worse than Marc Bulger

A lot of quarterbacks have found new homes via free agency this offseason: Jake Delhomme(notes), Derek Anderson(notes), David Carr(notes), Rex Grossman(notes), etc. You know what all those guys have in common? None of them are as good as the newly released Marc Bulger(notes).

Now, no one's saying that Marc Bulger is going to set the league on fire, turn a 3-13 team into a Super Bowl contender, win the league MVP or steal Gisele Bundchen from Tom Brady(notes) and have her declare afterward that he'd never been with a real man before she met Bulger.

But he doesn't have to do those things to be a worthwhile free agent. All he has to be is be better than Delhomme or Anderson. And he is.

I've made the case for Bulger before. When he's not running for his life, which was rarely the case in St. Louis, he's steady, smart and accurate. It's not like he's a used-up old man, either. He's 33, the same age as Donovan McNabb(notes).

If there's a quarterback-deficient team out there that feels like they can win now, as opposed to staying in the rebuilding phase for another year or two -- and I have a feeling that both the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills have deluded themselves into thinking that's the case -- then they should absolutely give Bulger a call.

Other teams mentioned in connection with Bulger include the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. In Chicago and Pittsburgh, Bulger (pending legal issues) would clearly be a backup, so a lot of this depends on what kind of role he's willing to accept.

If he lands somewhere where he gets on the field, though, he'll be my prediction as free-agent quarterback acquisition of 2010.

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