‘My purse, my choice’: Women take a stand against the NFL’s no-purse policy

So as you know, the NFL has put a ban on allowing any purses much larger than a cell phone into football games this ye - what, you didn't know? You heartless troglodyte. Maybe try listening to your woman for once. Or maybe try actually spending time around a woman in the first place. It's not all about football, you know.*

ANYway, the first two preseason games have seen long lines as women first learn of the no-purses policy, then rage, then surrender their purses to be checked in, then long lines after the game as they wait to reclaim their purses. NO MORE, say Lauren LaBorde (@laurenlaborde) and Collen Allerton (@lleenypants) of TNM Comedy in the video above.

No more tacky clear bags! No more giving up the purses full of coupons, gum, assorted electronics, more gum, et cetera! "My purse, my choice." Take a stand before you get to your seat! Or something like that. (And, yes, this is satire.)

*-Kidding! It totally IS all about football.

[Via With Leather]

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