Punk rockers ‘Elway’ will rock on despite John Elway’s protests

Shutdown Corner

If you regularly attend punk rock shows in people's basements, you might be familiar with the Fort Collins, Colo., band "Elway." On ReverbNation, they have two fans and are the 143rd most popular Rock act in Fort Collins, Colo. Whatever's the opposite of "sweeping the nation," that's what they're doing.

They do have the attention of John Elway, though. The Broncos legend, through his legal team, "strongly urged" the band to change its name, though there was no cease and desist order.

Tim Browne, lead singer of Elway, shared his thoughts with the AP.

"We're just guys living in a van, driving across the country, playing shows with next to nobody (in the audience)," Browne said. "And then this multimillion dollar successful business man, Hall of Fame football player gets so mortified that a punk band would use his last name? It's an incredible shock it happened.

"We're not out to get John Elway. This situation is hilarious and he needs to loosen up. Life's too short to worry about a punk rock band using your name."


"We're slouches," Browne said, laughing. "But we're not the worst slouches in the world. We're doing what we can. We're about having a good time, not trying to steal money out of anyone's pocket.

"We're so small that it confounds me thoroughly why anyone would try to legally strong-arm us."

John Elway's a business man now, with his name on car dealerships and upscale steakhouses. I suppose, as a business man, he's got to try to protect his name and make sure it's not associated with anything less than 100 percent wholesome. Like, say, for example, a band that uses lyrics "ranging from that of the sad sap to the indignant atheist with a bevy of homespun d*** jokes."

It doesn't seem like they're hurting anyone, though. I don't think anyone's going to show up at Elway's steakhouse and be disappointed at the lack of unpolished punk rock; nor do I think that anyone's going to show up at an Elway performance and be disappointed when no one offers them a 28-ounce porterhouse, grilled artichokes and a table next to an autographed No. 7 jersey.

My prediction is that Elway (the band) won't be changing its name, especially now that John Elway has given it more attention than it has ever gotten previously. In that spirit, go check the band out on Facebook.

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