Pretend like you watched the 1 o'clock games

• I'm not sure if the Raiders/Chiefs contest was more of a football game or a well-attended anti-quarterback rally staged by the "American Coalition for the Abolishment of Quarterbacks in the NFL." JaMarcus Russell was 6-17, and Tyler Thigpen was 12-of-26. Enough about the negative, though, I want to praise the Raiders for their bounce-back effort from that debacle last week. A win at Arrowhead is something to be proud of, I don't care who you are or what the circumstances might be. Darren McFadden was sufficiently explosive, picking up 164 yards on 21 carries, and Lane Kiffin might get to keep his job a little while longer.

• I saw two games this afternoon that were well-played on both sides of the ball, Jacksonville vs. Buffalo being the better of them. Jacksonville's in a rough spot at 0-2, but I can't think less of them for losing to Buffalo today. Trent Edwards was brilliant. Marshawn Lynch is evolving into one of those worth-the-price-of-admission guys.

• The other game I saw that was well-played on both sides of the ball was Chicago/Carolina. Carolina pulled it out, but again, don't think less of Chicago for it. They're both quality squads. Jake Delhomme didn't have great numbers, but when a Bear took a gratuitous shot at his head, he got up pounding his chest, and and warning the rest of the melonfarmers in the area not to do the same. It was inspiring. After that, I began ogling my waitress with an all new intensity.

Peyton Manning seemed to find himself halfway through the Colts/Vikings game. They didn't score in the first-half, but when it had to be done, old Peyton resurfaced, and they pulled off the comeback win against a great defense in a hostile environment.

• The Rams lost 41-13, but they were actually in the game relatively late. The score accurately reflects how much better the Giants are than the Rams, but it doesn't reflect the fact that the Rams didn't lay down like $2 whores.

Aaron Rodgers's second half wasn't quite as HOF-worthy as his first, and the Lions actually came back to lead at one point. Green Bay's punter acted like he was playing dodgeball with the long snapper, took a safety and put the Packers in a whole lot of trouble. Then Jon Kitna bailed them out and turned it back into a romp.