President Obama thinks Michael Vick needs to slide

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President Obama's health care plan promises to put an emphasis on prevention. The president is being particularly proactive on that front with one American in particular.

When Michael Vick tucks the ball away and scrambles from the pocket, the president wants him to be quick to get himself on the ground to avoid taking a crushing blow. He asked Nnamdi Asomugha to pass that message on to Vick as the two met at a function in Oakland. From

[Obama and Asomugha] spoke afterward about football, according to the Eagles cornerback, and the leader of the free world had some advice for the leader of the Eagles.

"He did," Asomugha said Wednesday after he reported to Lehigh University for the start of training camp. "He told me to tell Vick to slide."


"Promise," Asomugha said. "We talked about football for about three or four minutes and the one thing that stuck out, 'Tell Vick to slide.' He's a big fan."

It's sound advice. When Vick was injured last year, the Eagles struggled. They had a winning record with him and a losing record without him. When Vick was healthy, the Eagles got an 84.9 passer rating from the quarterback position. When he was on the sidelines, it dropped to 60.8, courtesy of Vince Young. It'll be Mike Kafka in the No. 2 spot this year.

The advice didn't get past Vick, either. He responded via tweet.

All in all, I'd have to guess that that was one of the more pleasant exchanges Michael Vick has ever had with a government official.

Vick's Eagles do not have President Obama's beloved Bears on the schedule this year.

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