Pouncey twins apparently wear ‘Free Hernandez’ hats while celebrating their birthdays at club

Aaron Hernandez has many friends and former teammates, so it's not surprising a few would decide to support him as he faces charges of first-degree murder.

The Pouncey brothers seem to have chose an interesting way to proclaim their support.

While celebrating their birthdays at Cameo nightclub in Miami, Mike and Maurkice Pouncey apparently wore "Free Hernandez" hats. The Pounceys were teammates with Hernandez at University of Florida.

Deadspin and other outlets wrote about the photograph, which doesn't appear to be digitally altered. (Here's another photo of the hats.) Pro Football Talk confirmed that it is the Pouncey brothers in the photo.

Mike Pouncey is a center for the Miami Dolphins. Maurkice Pouncey is a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It's an interesting statement to make on a night out. More than, say, wearing another NFL team's hat when you're hanging with friends.

The other way the Pouncey brothers and Hernandez have been connected as more than just Gators teammates was when a report surfaced that the brothers were out with Hernandez at a club in 2007 on the same night a shooting happened near the club. Police reportedly attempted to interview Hernandez. Nobody was charged in that incident.

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