Pom-Poms are swimwear now, evidently

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is out today, and it has a full section on NFL cheerleaders. I can't use any of the pictures here, but I can print them out and use them for my own personal purposes, and I don't care if you judge me for it.

If you've got a few minutes (and are willing to risk going blind and growing hair on your palms), I suggest clicking over and browsing through some of the galleries. I like Erin Carlisle of the Jags, Marlina Moreno of the Chargers, Ireivy Guerra of the Dolphins, and ... ah, who the hell am I kidding. I'd pay to brush up against any of them in a crowded subway car.

I can't cover and coat the issue as thoroughly as With Leather, but I should also note that Jeff Garcia's wife, the former Carmella DeCesare, is featured in a gallery of her own. She's an attractive lady, but goodness ... there's as much actual human flesh on her chest as there is in your average GI Joe action figure.

• NFL Cheerleaders / SI Swimsuit 2008
• Carmella Garcia / SI Swimsuit 2008

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