Police looking for another man wanted in connection with Odin Lloyd killing

Police are now looking for another suspect in connection with Odin Lloyd's death, a man who they consider armed and dangerous.

North Attleborough Police released a wanted poster for Ernest Wallace, who authorities believe was an accessory after the fact of murder. Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end, was charged with murder on Wednesday. Carlos Ortiz has been in custody, and multiple reports including one from the Boston Herald said he is charged with illegally possessing a gun at Hernandez’s home on June 17, the morning Lloyd was shot and killed. Now the authorities are looking for Wallace, who is 44 and also goes by the name "Bo Fish."

As the police name and charge other suspects, it brings to light the people Hernandez was apparently associating with.

The Boston Herald said police are looking at Hernandez's tattoos to see if he has any tattoos associated with gangs.

“We’ll be looking at his tattoos to see if there are any symbols that affiliate with gangs,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told the Herald. “We have to always be vigilant around security and not place him somewhere where there are rival gang members.”

Police announced Friday morning it found Wallace's car.

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