Police find Colts' DT laying drunk in a ditch; no charges filed

In most cases, the arrest of a reserve defensive lineman for public intoxication wouldn't make a blip on the radar. A public intox isn't the most scandalous of arrests, and it's not like the American public is clamoring for 'round-the-clock media coverage of John Gill(notes).

But when a gentleman is found passed out in a ditch, with no vehicle nearby, without shoes on, reeking of booze, unable to stand, slurring his speech, and is described by police as "disheveled and soiled," well, I say that takes it to another level.

Gill wasn't charged, and after sleeping it off, was released by local authorities the next morning.

So that's one release on the books for John Gill. Is another, courtesy of the Indianapolis Colts, coming soon? Not immediately. From wthr.com:

Colts President Bill Polian tells Eyewitness News that although the team still has to determine John Gill's status, he won't be playing anytime soon. Polian says the plan is to send Gill to rehab.

Yeah, that's probably best for all involved. Kudos to the Colts for doing the best thing for the player.