Police arrest man suspected of impersonating Vince Young

A man suspected of running around Washington, D.C., impersonating Vince Young has been arrested. Young tweeted four days ago that a man named Stephan Pittman was impersonating him, and police arrested a man by the same name on Friday afternoon.

How has he been fooling people? Well, not by any kind of striking resemblance. Here's a side-by-side of Young and Pittman:

That's almost as bad as the Ben Roethlisberger impersonator of 2005.

The Young impersonator has been making personal appearances as "Vince Young," accepting money for The Vince Young Foundation. According to the real Vince Young, in a sick little twist, the guy's also been taking pictures with kids at hospitals.

The suspect is in the hands of the justice system now, thankfully. Meanwhile, the real Vince Young tries to heal from a hamstring injury and get back on the field for the Eagles.

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