Players your sucky team can buy: Cornerbacks

NFL teams can start overpaying for free agents on Friday, February 29th (unofficially labeled "Dan Snyder Day"), and to make sure we're prepared, let's take a look at the players available, by position. Today, the cornerbacks.


Asante Samuel, New England (unrestricted). If the Patriots want to keep him, they're going to have to pay him. And given that he's been critical of the front office, the Pats have a history of not paying guys who behave like that, they can't franchise him, and they need to keep some money around for Randy Moss, it looks like he's moving on.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Oakland (unrestricted). He's an outstanding player, but the catch is that he plays for the Raiders, and the Raiders, recent history suggests, hate having good players on their roster. Still, I'd expect the Raiders to at least put the franchise tag on him before Thursday's deadline.

Marcus Trufant, Seattle (unrestricted). Franchising him is still a possibility, but the Seahawks might not want to pay him the $9.65 million that would cost them for one year. Either way, though, he's going to cash in somewhere.

Players who are not worthless:

Drayton Florence, San Diego (unrestricted). There's a big drop-off after the top three guys, but if a team's looking for a potential stopgap that might also still improve, Florence could fill that role. The Chargers probably won't keep him around as a nickel back since Antonio Cromartie took his job, though that's probably his best role.

Brian Kelly, Tampa Bay (unrestricted)
. He gave up a $3.2 million option to stay in Tampa this year, so he expects he's getting paid. Tampa probably didn't mind, as they want to get a little younger, but Kelly will find a spot playing well somewhere.

Eric Green, Arizona (restricted). Expect the Cardinals to keep him around. He's a solid player, but no one's going to give up a draft pick for him.

Randall Gay, New England (unrestricted). Hopefully, your team will sign him and you can buy that "GAY" jersey for your best friend.

Reynaldo Hill, Tennessee (restricted).

Jason Webster, Buffalo (unrestricted)

Cries for help:

Jacques Reeves, Dallas (unrestricted).
Von Hutchins, Houston (unrestricted).
Michael Lehan, Miami (unrestricted).
Terry Cousin, Jacksonville (unrestricted).
Hank Poteat, NY Jets (unrestricted).

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