Plane flies above Jacksonville game trailing sign that asks, ‘Tebow, why not?’

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On Sunday afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars were getting waxed by the Indianapolis Colts, which is not an uncommon occurrence. We're only in Week 4, and yet Jacksonville has managed to lose seven games.* The team is averaging about 10 points a game, and unsurprisingly hasn't won yet this season.**

So you can see where this is going. You've got the Football Messiah who grew up just outside Jacksonville currently without a job, and you've got the local NFL franchise currently without direction or hope. Thus, the banner you see above, which reads, "TEBOW, WHY NOT?"

It's the work of a local grass-roots movement to bring Tim Tebow to Jacksonville, one which has featured sparsely-attended rallies and billboards around town:

Generally, the "couldn't get any worse" theory doesn't really hold water in the NFL. But in Jacksonville's case, we really can't think of a way it could get any worse. Might as well bring in Tebow, huh?

*-May not be a true stat.
**-Are most definitely true stats.

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