Pixar’s NFL: This ‘movie’ needs to happen, pronto

All right, this is flat-out awesome. Austin Madison is an animator for Pixar who worked on "Ratatouille," "Brave" and several other flicks, and he's apparently also an NFL fan. He's posted an enormous online album of sketches transforming NFL matchups into cartoon scenarios, and they're so good we want a movie made of these right NOW.

It's pretty obvious what's going on in the picture above (evasive maneuver, Lieutenant Tebow!), but part of the fun is figuring out exactly who the "teams" are based on the movie- and sports-related clues in the drawings. Here, check out a few more ...

First, here's a visual representation of a Monday Night Football game from early this season:

Next, here's the Super Bowl. This is going to make a lot more sense once that "Lone Ranger" movie hits theaters this summer:

This one's going to require a little bit of thinking to get the gag:

And finally, why should football get all the fun? Here's the most effective depiction of the 2012 World Series we can imagine:

Great work, Austin. Check out the full gallery here.

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