Pittsburgh mayor Tebows to settle bet with Denver mayor

Maggie Hendricks

A bet between city mayors over their sports teams is not new, but after the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Denver Broncos, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl from Pittsburgh had to pay up his bet in an unconventional manner. Instead of sending signature foods to Denver, Ravenstahl paid off his bet with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock by donning a Broncos jersey and Tebowing.

Ravenstahl pointed out that he, like all Pittsburghers, are good sports.

"This is not something I ever thought I'd have to do, and it's certainly not something I'm looking forward to," Ravenstahl said. "However, we're good sports here in Pittsburgh, and I want to congratulate Denver on a great win."

But really, Mayor Hancock? Pittsburgh has some darn good food that would have been a much better payoff. If the people of Denver elected me to represent them, I would ask, nay, demand Primanti Bros. capicola sandwiches for everyone.

Thanks, Larry Brown Sports.

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