Pittsburgh mayor shovels snow, hangs flag for Super Bowl bet

Donning a long-sleeved Green Bay Packers Super Bowl shirt, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl spent Tuesday morning shoveling snow to fulfill his bet with Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt.

Ravenstahl shoveled the walkway in front of St. Rosalia Parish, the Greenfield, Pa., church attended by the parents of Packers coach Mike McCarthy. Later, he hung up a Packers flag in front of Pittsburgh's City-County building.

As per the agreement, the flag will hang for one day. Ravenstahl joked about taking it down immediately ("they won't know the difference," he said) but reluctantly left it up.

Had Pittsburgh won the game, Schmitt was to have shoveled the walkway of a Steelers fan in Green Bay and hung up a Steelers flag outside his city hall.

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