Pierre Thomas puts a bow on TD celebration, gets flagged

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

On a night that was all about Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas made his mark on the Saints win over the Falcons early. The running back pushed in the end zone for the first Saints touchdown in the game, and then celebrated by getting in the holiday spirit. He pulled a bow from his uniform, stuck it to the ball, and handed it to his mother a fan in the stands.

Of course, he was immediately flagged for the celebration that involved a prop, but that loss of 15 yards didn't hurt the Saints. The celebration will probably cost Thomas some cash, as Joe Horn was fined $30,000 for hiding a cell phone in a goal post for a celebration.

Early reports said that Thomas gave the ball to his mother, but he said after the game it was his way of showing appreciation to Saints fans.

"These fans do so much for us in the Dome, so I just wanted to give something back," he said. "I knew something was going to happen, but I was in the holiday spirit. You got to do things that make people say thank you. I know I'll see that lady that I gave the ball to, and she'll be happy. She got a wonderful gift."

Saints coach Sean Payton was not as happy, as he glared at Thomas as he walked to the sidelines after the flag. But Thomas wasn't the only player to get in holiday spirit. Several players wore red and green tape on their shoes or red and green wristbands.

The fines will likely come just before Roger Goodell is visited by the Spirit of Christmas Past.

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