Picture of the Day: Teenage Brett Favre prowls the hallway

Courtesy of the invaluable SI Vault Twitter feed comes this picture of a 16-year-old Brett Favre(notes) (second from left) posing with some friends in the hallway of Hancock North Central High School located in Kiln, Mississippi. Yes, there's an early stage mustache developing on his upper-lip. No, I can't tell whether those are Wrangler jeans.

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According to Wikipedia, Hancock North Central High School is most famous for Favre, who played baseball and football there, earning five varsity letters. The school is also the alma mater of former NBA standout Wendell Ladner. The school's athletic teams were called the Hawks. After a new high school was built, Hancock North Central High School became an elementary school.

Thanks again, SI, for this priceless moment in time.

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