Photos: Pee-wee Herman stops by Cowboys training camp

Chris Chase

Pee-wee Herman made a surprise appearance at Dallas Cowboys training camp on Thursday night and posed for pictures with various front office members, coaches and players. No reason was given for the visit, so we'll assume it's because he was invited by Dez Bryant.

Here, the star of "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" poses for the 2011 Jones family Christmas card:

{YSP:more}Do you think Pee-wee has ever been greeted as solemnly and respectfully as he was by Jason Witten? The tight end looks like he's shaking hands with the president or a wounded soldier who sang the national anthem.

If he was starstruck, he was one of the few. Witten later told reporters that almost nobody on the team recognized Pee-wee.

"The problem is only like three guys in the huddle knew who he was. The older guys know Pee-wee Herman. I think Tyron Smith looked at him like, 'Who's that?' He didn't know him. Gosh, I'm showing my age. I used to be one of the young guys."

Jason Garrett met the former TV star, too, and a picture that will someday be used mockingly by a Redskins fan blog was snapped:

If the caption for this picture had said it was shot in 1990, I'd have believed it. All of Miss Yvonee's cosmetic products did their job; Pee-wee doesn't age!

On Saturday, the Cowboys are expected to host Nanny from "Muppet Babies."

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