Photo: Vick wears shorts, sandals and a suit to press conference

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Michael Vick says he played "lights out" in Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams. A more accurate description may have been "pants off."

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback sported a new style at his press conference after the game, sporting a spiffy-looking sport coat and dress shirt over the top of some Nike mesh shorts and sandals.

This is a common style amongst television anchors who are only seen from the waist up during telecasts. A more formal suit/shorts combination is popular amongst 2-year-olds dressed up by their mothers for family pictures. (The Eton suit was a Chase family favorite back in the early-'80s.)

I understand the concept if you're hosting "SportsCenter" under intense television lights for three straight hours. Would it really have been so hard for Vick to throw on a pair of pants for his 10-minute press conference, though? Or was he using the old conductor's trick of not wearing pants before a performance so the crease will keep?

Thanks Deadspin, via Eagles Blogger Room

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