Photo gallery: The courtship of Chad Ochocinco and Tom Brady

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Chad Ochocinco and Tom Brady participated in their first New England Patriots practice together over the weekend and the whirlwind day was documented by Getty and AP photographers.

The two exchanged on-field pleasantries but then ran into the typical first-day awkwardness.

"So, uh, Cincinnati's nice."

"Yeah, yeah it is. (pause) Red Sox are big here, right?"

"Pedroia, man. Big time."

"Cool. (pause) Cool. (longer pause) You follow me on Twitter?"


Then Brady points out something in the distance, perhaps a shirtless Albert Haynesworth performing his conditioning test:

Next, the new teammates bond over a shared joke about Bill Belichick's visor.

More chatter ...

... a slightly bawdy story ...

... and with some laughter and a few stolen glances it's like they've been teammates for years.

"No, thank you for the great pass, Tom."

Nothing can come between the new best friends!

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