Photo gallery: Brett Favre acting like a kid out there

The whole "will he or won't he" charade being played by Brett Favre(notes) only reiterates what John Madden has been telling us since 1992: Favre just likes to have fun. This has to be enjoyable for him, watching a bad tip about himself send the media into a collective tizzy. One imagines Favre sitting on the lawn of his Hattiesburg mansion, applying WD-40 to his lawnmower motors and laughing as Peter King falls for his ruse, again.

In honor of Favre pulling a fast one on us again, we present a retrospective look at some of the best photographs of Brett Favre doing what he does best: throwing a crippling, late-game interception having fun:

Click image to see photos of Favre having fun throughout his career


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