Photo: The chilling aftermath of Brett Favre's final (?) NFL play

Sometimes, a still photograph tells a story better than a video ever could.

The picture, by Andy King of the Associated Press, was snapped in the aftermath of Brett Favre's(notes) final play* in the NFL. It wasn't Brian Urlacher(notes) who hit Favre, but the way the linebacker is standing over him harkens back to Chuck Bednarik doing the same to Frank Gifford in one of the most famous NFL photographs ever.

* If it comes back that Favre suffered four concussions, a broken leg and came down with scurvey on this play, I still won't believe he's out for Weeks 16 or 17. He could be 60 years old and still a threat to come back to the the NFL. But that play, coupled with his disappointing performance this season, would appear to have forced him into retirement. For real this time.

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