Philip Rivers throws another awful interception as the Chargers lose again

The San Diego quarterback starts to get frustrated, he throws some interceptions, gets more frustrated and forces some more mistakes to totally bury the Chargers. Then he usually caps off the day with some dismissive motion to coach Norv Turner on the sideline.

Rivers had three touchdowns in the first half against Tampa Bay, but one of his worst decisions of the season - and there's a few to choose from - turned the game against the Chargers in the fourth quarter. With the Chargers trailing 24-21, Rivers rolled right and was about to go out of bounds when he threw it back into the field of play. The throw might have been justified if there was a Chargers receiver even close to where he threw it. There wasn't.

Buccaneers cornerback Leonard Johnson made an easy interception and returned it 83 yards for a touchdown. That was the turning point of the game. Rivers had one more ill-advised fourth-quarter interception, and Tampa Bay won 34-24. After the game, it was Turner who got hot.

This isn't all that new for Rivers. He has 12 interceptions already this season, and meltdowns against Denver and New Orleans help cost San Diego those games. He also made a startling number of mistakes in the first half of last season. Rivers doesn't turn 31 until Dec. 8, but his days as an elite quarterback might be behind him already.

If nothing else, the 4-5 Chargers don't look like they're going anywhere this season. Especially if Rivers doesn't take care of the ball better than he has.

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