Philip Rivers plays softball in a fake mullet, tall socks and coach's shorts

Philip Rivers, mullet supreme.
Philip Rivers, mullet supreme.

You know, there's really nothing like a company softball team. You get to see your workmates in a different setting, you get to have a few beers, everyone takes a couple cuts and goes home happy. So in that respect, at least, the San Diego Chargers aren't any different from your company. Well, except for the fact that nobody's likely to ask your shortstop for his autograph.

A reader of SB Nation's Chargers blog Bolts from the Blue spotted some familiar faces in an opposing team's lineup, centering on none other than quarterback extraordinaire-ish Philip Rivers. For some reason, Rivers plays shortstop in a mullet wig and high socks, which seems hysterical if not necessarily practical.

But he wasn't alone! Check out Eric Weddle and Danny Woodhead:

Well, this is just spectacular. Anyone who can get video of these guys at the plate, hit us up.

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