Philadelphia Eagles supporter spits at Saints fan after game-winning field goal (video)

Anwar S Richardson

The majority of Philadelphia Eagles fans are good people who love their team.

Unfortunately, there just seems to be a few fans each year that continually ruin the reputation of everyone else who buys a ticket, enjoys the game and then goes home peacefully.

A New Orleans Saints fan decided to attend Saturday’s NFC playoff game in Philadelphia. That fan had pretty good seats, and he decided to record Shayne Graham’s 32-yard game-winning field goal against Philadelphia. As a result of New Orleans’ 26-24 victory, that Saints fan decided to celebrate.

However, he forgot an important rule.

Know your audience.

Eagles fans were not happy to hear this fan excessively celebrate moments after a heartbreaking loss, and one person decided to end the party. That Eagles fan decided to spit at the jovial Saints fan, which occurred toward the end of a video that was posted on YouTube.

Here is what occurred (WARNING: There is strong and offensive language at the end of this video)

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