Philadelphia Eagles first-round pick Lane Johnson says he wrestled black bears to improve blocking

The Philadelphia media might really like covering offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

He showed up to be introduced at the Eagles facility on Friday afternoon after being selected fourth overall on Thursday, and told one of the most hilarious and ridiculous stories that will ever come out of a post-draft press conference. Here it is courtesy of Jeff McLane of the The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wait, come again?

Oh. At least he remembered the old "no grizzlies rule" when he was wrestling bears.

Actually, we have more in-depth coverage of Johnson's bear-wrestling career:

"Along the way, he met a ferocious bear and killed it with his bare hands. That's 'B-A-R-E' hands. Although modern historians recently uncovered evidence that the bear, in fact, probably killed him."

Hold up, that's from a "Simpsons" episode about Jebediah Springfield. Never mind.

Of course Johnson didn't wrestle any bears. That's ludicrous. At least, we're pretty sure it is.

Either way, the NFL needs more fun characters, and Johnson seems to be one. Can't wait to hear him tell about tackling white-tailed deer on the Texas prairies next.

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