Peyton Manning press conference: John Elway’s opening statement

"It was just over a year ago when I was fortunate enough to have the job that I have now. But one of the things that [team owner Patrick Bowlen] said when I took this job was, 'I want to compete for Super Bowls.' I was dead honest with him, and I said, 'Well, I'm not going to take the job unless we have that opportunity.' We're so fortunate to work for a guy like Pat Bowlen, because as he said, his goal is to win world championships. And he is the one who creates the culture, and everything else that goes on in this building. And that's all about winning. Without the commitment from Mr. Bowlen, we wouldn't have Peyton [Manning] here today.

"What Peyton saw on his trip out here to get to know everybody in the building, and got the feel of what we have here in Denver ... he spent time in Denver and realized what a great fan base we have, and how enthusiastic our fans are about the Denver Broncos. We didn't try to sell him hard -- we wanted him to feel comfortable here in a place that he would want to come and work. We're so fortunate that he's picked the Denver Broncos.

"I believe that he's got a lot of great football left in him, and we've had many conversations - not only when he was out here on his visit, but the week after that. Talking different things about football, and what he was looking for. What he was looking for, and what we could give him. As I said, we're thrilled that he's selected the Denver Broncos, and we think it's a great situation.

"He's a guy who's a Hall of Famer. And I told him that my goal is to make Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback that's ever played the game. He's got that ability with the football that he's got left. We told him that we're going to do everything we can to compete for world championships. That starts with Mr. B. and now, it starts with Peyton.

"He's a guy who raises all boats. He already makes [the Broncos] better, and he hasn't even met them yet. Because of the type of person he is, his reputation, and what he's done in this league. He's going to have a tremendous effect on the Denver Broncos, and I couldn't be happier that he's chosen to play for us.

"With that said, I'd like to introduce the next quarterback for the Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning."

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