Peyton Manning offered contract by Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The Kansas City Chiefs reportedly became the first team to make a formal offer to Peyton Manning.

Brandon Spano, a Denver radio host, says the team made the complete contract offer on Thursday, thus becoming the first and only NFL franchise to do so.

The Chiefs make sense for Manning, in that he's a better quarterback than everyone on their roster. In this way, a majority of teams in the NFL make sense for Peyton. Kansas City also has two young offensive stars in Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles, a rabid fan base and plenty of cap room. The franchise also has some historical precedent for pursuing an aging, star quarterback.

Judging by recent reports, a Peyton-to-Arrowhead scenario seems far-fetched. Manning has apparently narrowed his choices to Denver, Miami and Arizona and wants to make a decision by Tuesday.

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Why rush? Shouldn't Tom Condon be taking meetings with everyone? Shoot, I'd sit down with Manchester United if I thought it would get Peyton more money on the front-end from whichever team he signs with.

That's why that news this week about Manning not being interested in playing for the Washington Redskins didn't make any sense. In a limited market, why would an agent rule out the biggest spender? Who cares if Peyton has no intention of playing in D.C.? Have Dan Snyder send Redskins One to fetch you, let him spring for some surf & turf at The Palm, spend the night in his Potomac River mansion and then use the resulting $400 million contract/part-ownership offer as leverage against other teams. That's negotiating 101, yo.

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