All Peyton Manning knows about his future is that it will include delicious, life-affirming Gatorade

ESPN was very excited about its exclusive Peyton Manning interview Tuesday afternoon. It sat down with Peyton in the Gatorade lair in Indianapolis to talk about all sorts of important things: Peyton's brother, his health, his neck and his future. And do you know what ESPN found out?

That Gatorade is awesome.

And it is, there's no arguing that ‒ but Gatorade was about the only thing Manning discussed with any emotion or sincerity through those 15 minutes. Trey Wingo tried again and again to get Peyton to say something substantive about his football future, but Peyton wouldn't go for it.

Manning actually looked uncomfortable through much of the interview. It was as if he knew, while the question was being asked, that he wasn't going to answer it, and was just biding his time until he was cued up to spit out the stock answer. He did it masterfully. The neck injury has not hampered his ability to talk around things.

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There's no talking around Gatorade, though, because it's not just about hydration anymore. It's about nutrition. And the Gatorade team, along with Peyton Manning's trainers, have been great about putting the right nutrients in Peyton Manning's body. That's what I took away from the interview.

ESPN wasn't surprised by any of this. A former employee obtained an email that shows ESPN was aware that the Gatorade plug was coming, and that it'd deal with it and cut it out of the interview for later use.

I imagine that much of Peyton Manning's week will be like this ‒ being asked questions and as politely and as tactfully as he can, not coming close to answering them. He'll probably be happy when this week is over.

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