Peyton Manning, John Fox don’t say anything about Jim Irsay, who clarifies Manning comments

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – If Peyton Manning is miffed over Colts owners Jim Irsay's comments about winning just one Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos quarterback didn't express it Wednesday.

He wasn't going down that road.

"I don't have any comment on any of that," Manning said.

John Fox was miffed about the comments, but there was no way he was going to revisit his thoughts. On Tuesday he called Irsay's comments "disappointing and inappropriate." Despite a few attempts by the media during his Wednesday press conference, Fox wasn't going to say any more.

"Those were yesterday's comments," Fox said. "Any comments moving forward will be about the game."

The one doing the most talking on Wednesday was Irsay, who wanted to set the record straight.

Irsay told USA Today that the Colts "changed their model" when the team moved on from Manning, because he wanted more championships. He claimed that he was saying that he wished the Colts would have gotten more help for Manning during his time in Indianapolis, which makes a lot more sense because it would be crazy for him to rip Manning.

Irsay has also reached out to Manning, according to the Indianapolis Star.

That puts his original comments in context, although Irsay should probably also know that when he says he regrets the Colts won only one Super Bowl that many will take that as a shot at Manning, who was the face of the franchise for many years. Anyone blaming Manning alone for not having more playoff success is unfair, since football is a team game and no quarterback ever won or lost a game on his own, but many people mistakenly believe in fallacies like a quarterback's win-loss record.

For the most part the split between the Colts and Manning has worked out great for both sides, and Manning certainly doesn't seem to be holding a grudge.

"I've learned, in life, you need to be at peace with other people's decisions that affect you but you have no control over," Manning said. "I think that's good advice I've had over the years, and it certainly served me well in this particular scenario."

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