Peyton Manning fined by NFL for taunting penalty, gives great response

At the beginning of the preseason, you could have gotten tremendous odds betting on "Peyton Manning fined for taunting."

Manning was penalized for taunting Houston safety D.J. Swearinger after a touchdown pass last week, and the NFL didn't let him slide because it's the first time anyone can remember such a penalty for the Broncos quarterback. Manning was fined a little more than $8,200 for the penalty, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, which is typical in the league's fine schedule.

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Oh no, where will Manning find that kind of money?!?

For Manning, it was an investment. Swearinger had been talking a lot at the Broncos-Texans joint practices during the week, then his hit on Broncos receiver Wes Welker gave Welker a concussion. A couple plays later Manning threw the touchdown to Emmanuel Sanders and let Swearinger know he wasn't happy. Swearinger said Manning told him a four-letter word followed by "you" at the end. Whatever Manning said, it was worth the fine to stand up for Welker.

"Money well spent" might be the best quote after a fine in league history (in the non-Randy Moss Division anyway). And really, Manning will make that back the next time you see him acting like a store manager in a sports drink commercial.

This will probably be a onetime offense for Manning, though it would make things a lot more exciting if he went rogue, drunk off the excitement of his first time taunting an opponent, and decided to do it after every throwing score from here on out. We won't be betting on that.

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