Peyton Manning’s face on all 32 NFL logos

Chris Chase

This is Manning Face. It's an expression made over the course of an NFL game by either Peyton or Eli Manning that suggests:

a) the quarterback can't believe the incompetent fools who fill out their respective roster.

b) a 9-year-old who recently learned that he will not be getting ice cream for dessert.

Manning Face has been a longtime favorite of the Internet crowd that detests almost everything else. Now, with Peyton's impending free agency (?), a talented gentleman named Dave Rappoccio has imagined what Manning Face would look like if superimposed into every single NFL logo. The results are predictably amazing.

The same way one can't describe the beauty of the "Mona Lisa," the greatness of the Manning Face transcends conventional critique.

Go see all 32 logos here. Enjoy them. Savor them. Live them.

Our six favorites:

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