Peyton Manning encountered a lovely group of Patriots fans

Shutdown Corner

Breaking news out of the Boston area Monday morning: A man has located a group of New England sports fans who are not arrogant, smug and unlikable. The rare find was made by, of all people, Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback who spent many years as an adversary to New England Patriots fans.

Manning talked to the Boston Herald about the rare discovery.

"I signed a ton of autographs for Patriots fans before the game and they couldn't have been nicer," Manning said. "They were all wishing me a healthy recovery and missed seeing me out there and I really do appreciate that. I've been getting a lot of support from my Colts fans and people across the country. But when it comes from fans of probably your biggest rival, and I'm sure some of them have probably said stuff that wasn't so nice over the years, I thought it was pretty classy."

Awwww. I guess the holiday season brings out the sweetheart in everybody. Good for you, previously unheard-from group of Patriots fans. You know, it would be OK to let the rest of us see that side of you, too.

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