Peyton Manning’s new Denver house is nice

Peyton Manning is committed to Denver for the next five years (or at least as committed as an NFL contract makes someone), so he was going to need a place to live. That problem is solved quite nicely by the home pictured above.

According to the Denver Post, Peyton purchased the modest shanty for $4,575,000. It reminds me a lot of my place, except it's a bazillion times bigger, was decorated by an adult with taste, and doesn't smell like whatever horrific cabbage nightmare the whackjob down the hall is cooking. Also, it's a house, and he owns it.

Peyton's new crib is over 16,000 square feet with seven bathrooms. It has an elevator, a media room, a billiards room and a "safe room," which I think is just a padded room full of people repeating "It's OK, you're better than Tom Brady" over and over again.

More pictures if you click the link below.