Peyton Hillis tries to throw a forward pass to Brady Quinn, with predictable results

You wouldn't expect Kansas City Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis to be the first guy named Peyton to throw a pass in Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos, but you would be wrong. On third-and-3 from the Denver 16-yard line with 9:30 left in the first quarter, Kansas City offensive coordinator Brian Daboli called a play that Tony Sparano probably would have thrown out of his AllegedTim Tebow Playbook. We'll have the video later, but you can see it here, and we have a little frame-by-frame breakdown of the carnage.

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You'll see Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn seemingly ready to take the snap, but that's not how this is going to go.

Hillis takes the direct snap as Quinn runs a wheel route (kind of a square wheel) and No. 40 rolls right, preparing to throw.

Hillis, who has thrown precisely two passes in his NFL career (both in 2010 for the Cleveland Browns), threw a fleeber across his body to a wide-open Quinn, who has caught one pass in his NFL career (in 2009, for the Cleveland Browns), and wasn't aware of how to adjust to a "throw" like this. The Chiefs had to settle for a Ryan Succop field goal after that play, blowing the momentum from what was actually a pretty nice drive.

Who was the Browns' offensive coordinator in 2009 and 2010? You guessed it -- Brian Daboli. Coach, we'd like to suggest that you leave this call in the same place you have any old Browns playbooks lying around.

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