Peyton and Eli Manning flow like showers of footballs in new DirecTV ad

You cannot hate Peyton and Eli Manning. It's true. Try it. Your hatred rebounds off them and comes back around to you, making you the hateful hater. Proof? Just try to hate on this latest rap video for DirecTV.

Think Eli's a dork? So does he, floating in space with unicorns and whatnot. Think Peyton has no flow? So does he, his delivery as robotic as a customer service line. If you want to hate them for anything, hate them for this: they're clearly having more fun than we are. Jerks.

Oh, and Broadway Joe Namath-dating-your-mom jokes never ever get old:

Joe Namath and someon'e mother. (DirecTV)
Joe Namath and someon'e mother. (DirecTV)

Don't ask her if you don't want to know.

[Via For the Win]

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