Pete Carroll teaches press conference phone etiquette

During his Wednesday press conference, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was talking to the media about the Chicago Bears, Seattle's upcoming opponent in the divisional round of the playoffs. Apparently, one reporter put his phone on the podium as an audio recorder after setting it to "vibrate."

"Off" might have been a better setting, as the phone in question went off about halfway through the presser (your intrepid reporter was in the front row of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center auditorium for this spectacle), and hilarity soon ensued:

Carroll rolled with it rather well, showing that he's pretty loose in the face of a possible second consecutive playoff win. The 7-9 Seahawks are playing with house money from a won-loss angle: If they lose, nobody expected them to get this far anyway. If they win, and the Green Bay Packers beat the Atlanta Falcons ... well, that same 7-9 team would host the NFC Championship game, which to many people is far funnier than anything Pete Carroll could do at a podium.

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The reporter in question is Nate Davis(notes) from USA Today, and he forgot to set his phone from vibrate to off because Carroll's presser was bumped from 10:00 AM to noon. He's a good guy who wasn't embarrassed about it, though the other reporters in the room were ready to give him moral support if he was.

Still, kudos to the coach for being a good sport. Can you imagine how Josh McDaniels would have reacted to something like this?

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