Pete Carroll is in the afterglow, but he’s already thinking about how to win another

INDIANAPOLIS — The past few weeks have been pretty fun, Pete Carroll admitted.

The Seattle Seahawks head coach has been enjoying the post-Super Bowl experience, which has been life-changing to say the least.

"Been a little different, yeah. It's really been fun," Carroll said. "Tremendous energy about the ball game. It continues everywhere we go. Everybody we run into wants to talk about it. The ones that come up are pumped up about the game and what happened."

But no rest for the weary. The third question Carroll was asked on Friday at the NFL scouting combine was about winning back-to-back titles and the challenges the Seahawks will face with that goal in mind.

Carroll has no NFL perspective on this, but he drew back to his college experience at USC for handling high expectations after winning a championship.

"I don't think it's any different than winning a national championship and trying to win it again and having another great season one year after the next," Carroll said. "There's a whole mentality that goes into how you get there that once you get there you continue."

"It's not a brand new experience. It doesn't have to be. But it does take great discipline and it does take the proper work ethic and mentality so that you can stay in connection with that which got you there. You have to know how you got there so that you can repeat it and retool. That's the challenge."

Carroll admitted that overconfidence for his highly confident club is something he's keeping an eye on.

"You have to see the signs that are demonstrated by the players and coaches and the people that support you that takes you away from what it takes," he said. "That's a whole science. I'm really excited about going through it. I loved that challenge in college, and I don't see it any different. It's very much the same.

"There's a matter and way and language to it that we understand that we're going to hopefully stick to it. We're a million miles from getting back into that, but it's underway. It's been underway for years in our program. It's formatted to continue."

That process is happening with a few changes afoot, such as the reported release of Sidney Rice and his outsized contract. But the Seahawks have the returning talent — and Carroll's perspective on the expectations they'll face — to help make another serious run at the whole shebang once more.

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