Percy Harvin hints on Twitter he’ll return to Seattle Seahawks by Week 7

Percy Harvin is a somewhat mysterious young man, and no one really seems to know how long his hip injury will keep him from making his debut with the Seattle Seahawks.

But Harvin offered his 140,000-plus followers on Twitter a tantilizing treat: He says he's getting closer to getting back to the field.

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This is far from an official word, and players are sometimes notoriously overoptimistic when it comes to their own injuries. But this has to be seen as great news for both Harvin and the Seahawks, who can't wait to open up the possibilities of his inclusion into the offense.

Harvin was placed on the PUP list, meaning that Week 7 is the soonest he could return. The Seahawks travel to Arizona that week, on Oct. 17, for a Thursday night game. The Seahawks have not given an official word for when Harvin might come back, but the speculated timetable had been later, in November.

Harvin underwent surgery on Aug. 1, and the expected recovery time for similar injuries is three to four months. So maybe Harvin is kidding himself. But if he's not, the Seahawks could get an early Christmas gift they might not have been expecting so soon.

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