Some people are really cheering Aaron Hernandez outside his court appearances? Why?

One of the most baffling parts of the famous O.J. Simpson chase in 1994 was the people who stood on bridges and lined the street to cheer on Simpson, who was charged with murder and on the run from police.

It looked weird then, and it looks weird now as some fans are doing the same at Aaron Hernandez's various court appearances.

There have been reports of fans – and a few people don't represent everyone in that area, of course – cheering on Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end who was charged with murder on Wednesday.

The Associated Press reported on fans waiting to cheer Hernandez as the van transporting him rode by:

Later, as he was taken from the North Attleborough police station to court, two dozen supporters cheered, some yelling, "We love you, Aaron!"

And for his bail appeal on Thursday, the same type of scene played out:

An story on Hernandez's bail appeal reflected the same thing:

"A large crowd that had gathered on the street cheered as Hernandez left the courthouse."

Odin Lloyd is dead. His family left the courthouse in tears on Wednesday. Perhaps Hernandez will be cleared in court, but there still doesn't seem to be any reason to cheer him at this moment. There's a difference between believing he'll be exonerated and cheering him on the street as he goes to court to be charged with a brutal murder.

There are moments to show adulation for a football star, and this isn't one of them.

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