Patriots bar in D.C. has sweet potato fries named after Gisele

Chris Chase

A New England Patriots bar in Washington, D.C., features a number of Pats-inspired dishes, including Beli-chicken Tenders, Ocho-Nachos and, my personal favorite, Ques-a-Deion. The most-inspired selection may be the sweet potato fries named after Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen:

I can't stand ordering at restaurants that have ridiculously named dishes like the "Firecracker Chicken Sandwich" or "Million Dollar Birthday Fries." Yet when I'm giving my order to a server, I invariably say the exact name of the dish, much to the derision of the people I'm with. (I don't want any confusion!) So I'd be the idiot at the place asking for the "Beli-chicken Tenders, buffalo style," unless the Pats were playing the Bills, in which case that'd be too much to handle.

I think a field trip to the Capitol Lounge is in order to see whether customers actually say "Gisele's Sweet-ass Potato Fries" when they order or if they mutter "sweet potato fries" or simply point. Also, I can't believe there's no mention of Danny Woodhead on that list. Maybe they named the Children's Menu after him.

Thanks, Larry Brown Sports