Patriots WR Julian Edelman accused of sexual assault

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New England wide receiver Julian Edelman was arraigned Tuesday at Boston Municipal Court after being accused very early Tuesday morning of groping a woman at a Halloween party at a Boston bar. Via the Boston Herald, here are the details of the police report:

The police report on the bust states Edelman "reached under" a woman's party costume and "grabbed her vagina" while they were on the dance floor.

The male witness told police he watched as the alleged victim's face changed into "an expression of shock" at the time of the reported sexual assault, the report states.

Both the witness and the alleged victim demanded Edelman be kicked out of the club immediately, the report states. That witness and the alleged victim were booted first, police report, after the male "witness" threatened to "beat up" Edelman.

Edelman denied the allegations to police at the scene and was arrested and booked. He posted bail and was released.

On Tuesday in court, Edelman was charged with one count of indecent assault and then freed on his own recognizance.

For Edelman, it's the only time this season I can recall him being in a headline. Even as the Patriots were throwing the ball like crazy earlier in the season, Edelman never got in on it. He has just three catches on the year, and no more than one in any single game.

He offered no comment as he left the courtroom, and the Patriots organization deferred any comment to Edelman's lawyers.

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