Patriots run the old ‘Tom Brady punts, then everybody punches everybody’ play

Shutdown Corner

Tom Brady got so bored with throwing touchdown passes against the Broncos on Saturday night that he started to mix in some punting, too. Turns out he's pretty good at that, too. He dropped it at the 10-yard-line.

And, oh yeah, then everyone started fighting.

What led to the post-play extracurricular activity was a late, cheap, sort of dumb hit by Von Miller on Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly. It was late and it was silly, with no real chance of even hurting anyone ‒ I mean, not that it should hurt someone, but if you're going to throw a cheap shot like that, it should have some kind of purpose.

Anyway, that was the whole day ‒ the Patriots being awesome at everything and the Broncos just kind of getting mad and not being able to do anything about it.

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