Patriots president Jonathan Kraft rips Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft went on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and said the explosive Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez titled "The Gangster in the Huddle" simply was not accurate in many spots.

Reporters who cover the Patriots furiously tweeted out every attack Kraft had on the story during the interview with 98.5, including the article's claims that Hernandez told Patriots coach Bill Belichick his life was in danger, that Belichick told Hernandez to get a "safe house" and that Belichick threatened to cut Hernandez. 

But other than that, it sounds like Kraft really liked the story.

There was no indication from those reporters if Kraft addressed the accuracy of perhaps the most serious allegation in the story, that Hernandez was on PCP (also known as angel dust) and the drug made him so paranoid he carried a gun everywhere he went.

If Kraft's takedown of the article is accurate, it's fair to wonder which parts of the story were factually correct.

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